Pier Afternoons in San Francisco

On a relatively sunny (for San Francisco) afternoon, a friend and I went exploring in the Dog Patch neighborhood. As the area is still fairly mixed use, between the industrial buildings and the newly renovated Victorians, it creates an environment I've found to be unique to that part of San Fran. I liked this section of the pier - leftover dock parts dotting the shoreline.

Necklaces: J Crew and H&M, Sweater: Madewell, Shorts: Vintage

Chain Chain Chain

I'm known for layering necklaces, probably because one just never seems to be enough, and it's a great way to continue to create new combinations. This mix is new for me, but I liked the sweet and classic pearls against the sparkly spikes. A little juxtaposition never hurt anyone, and it brings a bit intrigue to an otherwise run-of-the-mill work outfit.

Necklace #1: Saks, Necklace #2, #3, and shoes: J Crew, Sweater: Zara

Brews with CC

Nothing like a good beer with a good friend. Trying desperately to transition to summer clothes, but alas, the weather is not always in our favor.

Leather jacket: Urban Outfitters, Army jacket: H&M, Skort: Zara